What is Growmance?


Growmance is a way of living. It means falling in love with your growth, with your ever evolving self. 

Our logo is an infinity symbol that denotes the ‘Growmance’ way of living and is here to remind you that there are no limits to who you can be and what you can create in this world! There are infinite possibilities if you commit to becoming an infinite learner and believing in your infinite potential.

We were taught to chase success, which doesn't exist in the present, but a goal of the future. We believe that we will be eventually happy when we achieve that goal. But the reality is, once we achieve that goal, we move on to the next one pretty soon. Our goals and our desires are limitless. They are infinite. Happiness is in the present. It is about the journey and the destination. One has to fall in love with their growth and enjoy every step of the journey to live life to the fullest.

Research on hedonic adaptation shows we adapt super quickly after reaching our goals, we may be happy for a couple of hours or days, but after that we’ll be just as about happy as we were before reaching the goal. That’s why it’s better to focus on the pursuit of your vision and enjoy the journey. Remember to not obsess over the outcome and not neglect the present moment. This is the Growmance way of living - a mindful and purposeful way of living. 

I felt that if I get a job in Silicon valley I’ll be happy, if I make this salary figure I’ll be happy, if I work in FAANG I’ll be happy, but I was shocked to see even after I reached all these milestones I set for myself, I still felt something was missing. I was not fulfilled. There were definitely moments of joy and celebration, but it did not last longer. I struggled with balancing my health, personal life and my job. At one point, I didn’t know what success meant to me anymore. I hit burnout, struggled with health problems and felt disconnected from myself. 

I came to realize I was looking to fix all the external circumstances, my job, where I lived, how much money I make and I failed to look within and discover my soul's purpose. So I set on a path to self discovery. I worked on myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I started asking myself “Why am I here”. It's such a powerful question and I’d suggest everyone to ask yourself “Why am I here”.

The purpose of our existence is to experience happiness, peace, joy, compassion and love. And secondly, to fulfill our soul's purpose, which is our life's mission. We are all born with a purpose. We are all born with unique gifts that will enable us to fulfill our purpose. It's our job to discover our purpose and live in alignment. 

I was able to transform my life from feeling burnout to discovering my soul's purpose, which is to bring mindfulness wisdom to the mainstream and empower others to live a life of greater purpose and presence. I started this movement Growmance from a place of absolute passion and purpose, because I want each one of us to live our soul's purpose and lead a fulfilling life. When you start living the Growmance way, you experience self love, joy and compassion at every step of your growth journey. You approach life with absolute passion and purpose and be that infinite learner. The question now is, are you ready to start your self discovery Growmance journey?