Meet the Founder


Hi Growmancer,

I welcome you with all my heart and appreciate you investing in your personal growth.

Before I share my journey, let me tell you what Growmance is. I coined this term Growmance, which means falling in love with your ever-evolving self growth journey.

For a long time, I thought my life’s journey was already defined. I come from an overachieving Indian family of engineers. Growing up, my only options were to become an engineer or to become an engineer. So when I did become one and started working in big tech companies and FAANG, I was shocked that I did not feel a sense of fulfillment. I have been that person - overworked, overwhelmed, and disconnected. My culture has conditioned me to believe that having a very successful career and hustling all the time keeps you happy, but even after building that life, I felt anxious, burnt out, and miles away from fulfillment and joy. In 2019, I was overweight, diagnosed with hypothyroidism, insomnia, and had borderline cardiovascular risk, all when I was 24. My body had no energy to help myself, so I couldn’t work on my ambition to help others, even though I had that drive and passion.

I knew I had to do something about this. In 2020, I learned everything I could about nutrition and fitness and consulted many coaches and doctors for help. I committed to healing my body and lost 30 pounds by the end of that year. That naturally made me want to share it with others and I started a page called growmancewithpavi on Instagram to share my journey and learnings. What started as a commitment to improving my physical health, transformed me and shifted my focus to mental health. I tapped into ancient yogic practices and slowly started meditating and practicing yoga to manage my stress levels. Very soon, I realized that these mindfulness practices are much more than that. It became a part of my lifestyle and I started applying mindfulness in all areas of my life. I created small actionable steps, designed various practices and toolkits to manage my energy. Over the last year and a half, I have worked on myself mentally, emotionally, and physically, and started living in alignment with my highest purpose, which is to empower others to discover their purpose and lead a mindful life. 

When I started my mindfulness journey, I couldn’t find simple tools and concepts that were easy to understand and implement on an everyday basis, as it is coming from a friend. The search for answers led me to create accessible, simple, yet effective tools that worked really well for me. I combined all the things I implemented and developed intuition through meditation, yoga, and intentional practices, which inspired me to create mindfulness products and a community of passionate self-growth lovers. I strongly believe everyone has a unique gift that they can share with this world and make meaningful contributions through their life’s work.

I’m here to create that path for you to find your purpose and make mindfulness your lifestyle. Growmance is about you. You becoming truly alive and tapping into your true potential. It is about your journey of self-growth and self-discovery, a journey that ultimately enables you to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. Life is too short to not be anything but joyful. So join me and the rest of the Growmance family in creating your dream life!

Love & Gratitude,